Is this a sprinkler?





That’s a smoke alarm pal
Swear down
Try it


Bit leaky judging by the ceiling

  • Sprinkler
  • Not a sprinkler

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Smoke alarm, ain’t it?


You mean

  • Sprinkler
  • Not a sprinkler
  • Give a shit

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Had water pouring through it into the hallway at 6am for two hours at the same time an alarm was going off on some fire alarm control panel on the ground floor.


it’s an alarm AND a sprinkler


Is it actually or are you joking


Apparently it’s the exit


it is actually


How do you know?


I work in a sprinkler / alarm factory


Thanks if ur being srs. If you’re joking then I’m about to make a fool of myself.


It’s a sprinkler

Source: boring fire safety training I went on last week


How, though? What situation regarding that could case that to happen?


he’s about to start a fire


Fire alarm control panel thing on the ground floor had errors on it and was doing an alarm. Had an error message for the number of our flat on the display. I’m guessing it’s cocked up somehow and mistakenly detected a fire in our flat at 6am because nothing here works.


light fitting