Is this a thing? (University related)

Saw a bloke on Twitter yesterday saying his son’s mate was being offered five grand a year by a university if he put it down as his first choice. Apparently this was cash money, not a discount on fees or anything. Is this a thing that happens? Do some unis have cash to throw around to attract good students?

Sounds like massive bollocks to me.

Right? Proper dog playing the piano stuff. But the dude who was saying it seems pretty switched on, so I don’t know how it came about - maybe the kid was just billy big bollocking it “Oh yeah, De Montford want me so bad they’d say they’ll pay me just to put them top of the UCAS form.”

Unless his son has managed to develop a new theory of economics/quantum physics/biology etc pre-uni there’s absolutely no way there’s any truth in this.

Bursaries/discounts on fees, more potential

My daughter is going through the Uni application process at the mo and mentioned something similar. Think the figure she had heard was a bit less though, 2K

Demand always outstrips supply for places at the top universities and the smaller ones really don’t have that sort of cash lying around. As improbable as it seems I think this is just a case of a 17 year old chatting pure shite.

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Would a university even know if someone had put them as their first choice?


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Man, I could be rolling in it if I was coming out of school now.

These are bursaries and scholarships though, presumably payable on acceptance rather than on putting a university as first choice or whatever.

Brunel University, who also run a ‘Business Boot Camp’ event for high achieving applicants, are offering 30 £6,000 per year fee waivers under their Academic Excellence Scholarship for 2015/16 entry. These can also be claimed in cash, with students who achieve AAA at A-level or above (or the equivalent in a variety of other qualifications) being eligible if they make Brunel their firm choice and meet the other requirements.

Some of these scholarships are clearly designed to be competitive, with limited numbers available. The Enfield Achieving Excellence Scholarship at the University of Middlesex is comprised of five £6,000 awards, which anyone with Middlesex as their first choice and a minimum of 320 UCAS points (ABB) is eligible for.

fucking capitalism

“If they make Brunel their firm choice”, by which I assume they mean accepting an unconditional offer.

sure - that example was to highlight the “these can also be claimed in cash” - rather than just a scholarship thing

the other example (Middlesex) was to show some schemes are dependent on putting an institution as first choice

it all seems so unbelievable because it all seems so absurd but fuck me it seems that the OP could be quite legit

Thought this was going to be a Punkosaur thread tbh.

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and here I was thinking that the universities were starved for cash and HAD to increase the tuition fees.

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Just that good old switch from public to private debt innit.

This is a thing. Some universities will unconditionally accept students onto the course before they’ve even got their A level grades, if they’ve done well enough at AS and GCSE and provided they make that university their first choice. That situation with a hefty scholarship makes things quite easy for some people!

I work in university admissions for another three days. Can’t say I’ll miss it too much.