Is this an acceptably named product



Probably not.

However I expect the bigger issue will be the fact that it’s a wine rack and vegetable rack (is that even a thing?) combination. On wheels.


Don’t like it personally mate






Course a vegetable rack is a thing! We had a thread about it and everything.


Why doesn’t that surprise me


I just ordered one. Had a quick check if I was getting the best one and it brought up this abomination.


I keep my wine and veg in the same rack/butchers block.


Does it have a racist name?


Yeah but it’s ban-worthy


Why does it need to be on wheels?

Seems like something from one of those ‘Readers Offers’ things from the back of a TV guide


Well ours will be tucked away somewhere, ready to be wheeled out when I need to access something from the allium family. German made of course


Yeah it’s a pun


Practical shelf (rolling)