Is this frontpage better?


Just the list of topics? Like the old boards? I think a lot of people were trying to keep up by just using the frontpage.


yes, i think so




I’m gonna switch it back for a bit as I think I preferred it the other way. Felt more alive.


:smiley: was quite nice to see everything (well, all recently posted stuff) all in once place. i guess you can just click on the individual boards of you really care.


I think this version is the best one, with a few choice topic each :smiley:


You can just click Latest for that


ah yeah that’s it, excellent!


was about to say it was annoying having to click through the forum heading to get to the posts, but you’ve fixed it!

reckon this way is good


Would it be possible to add one or two more to Music and Social previews on the homescreen

Three makes it slightly hard to work out if there’s anything interesting that’s kicking round


There’s a front page?


There’s 5. Think you might be right. Any more and it might be a bit much.