Is this normal for schools now?


Sounds like a load of bollocks.


Im not very well versed on the economy of education but from what i have experienced in my career is that state schools are slowly being washed out and forced to turn into academies or private schools. This is due to lack of government funding and the likes.
The states schools that are still holding on to their pride and want to continue being governed by their own and have the government funding are facing ridiculous cuts and it doesnt surprise me these are the kind of lengths they go to in order to remain relatively independent. If they didnt do this they would face being led by a bigger “umbrella” acadamy school in the area that will share its staff/ policies/ ethos cutting jobs and essentially, their control. Basically its all fucked but i work in a posh private school so im not arsed. Haha


School Funds were pretty common in state schools up until about twenty years ago. Ours asked for £40 a year back in 1992, and then stopped in about 2000.

Looks like they’re coming back again. Yay, Tories!


Not surprised at all tbh


my school had this. can’t remember how much it was.


We ask for contributions for after school clubs - for equipment etc


did you go to a SE Essex grammar? We used to have this at WHSB


nah Fitz


Bump for the daycrawlers.


Good to see Big Society is alive and well even after D-Cam’s demise…