Is this the best era for sporting G.O.A.Ts?

Goat gags encouraged.

Was thinking before that in five year’s time all of the following will be retired…

Ronnie O’Sullivan.
Tom Brady.
Phil Taylor.

Are we just living in an age where we overrate stuff because it’s visible and relevant, or have we been incredibly lucky to be around for a peak era of sport?

Which other current sportspeople could realistically be considered the very best their trade has offered? Do you disagree with any of the above?

I think there are arguments that other eras have been as strong in terms of natural talent, but obviously huge progress in sports science, diet, lifestyle means every generation probably has advantages over the one before.

Does it just depend on the sport? Would anyone say the current decade’s peak in, say, rugby union, cricket, F1. Does it just depend what you like - physical prowess or narrative based around personalities, etc?




There’s a line in Glengarry Glen Ross to the effect that “What one man can do, another man can do.” In ten years time there will be another set of all time greats.

The current lot are remarkable, but they’re doing it in the age of wall to wall television, which gives the whole world access to them.

Dunno man. In the late 60s/early 70s you’d have


Etc etc

You have goats, then the next generation, or the one after that, someone comes along who transcends them…


LeBron James


Just getting better and more efficient at managing a player’s lives from such a young age, and every single aspect of it at that from diet to social circles etc, and certainly the standards of coaching and practise in almost every field is improving all the time and it’s understandable it’s turning out record breakers in every sport.

Having said that I reckon the only genuine GOAT of the era is Bolt. Complete physical freak, doubt he’ll ever be bettered.

Is he better than Michael Jordan though?

Reckon his records will go in 10-20 years time

Under 10 i reckon.

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Can’t see it currently, think if anything the times will get a touch slower with stricter anti-doping. Course Bolt circumvents all that anyway.

Ric Flair’s retired

BIG DAWHG :smiley:

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Alright, @Jamos


Technology plays a massive part, too. Messi is an unbelievable player, but in old hard leather clogs, with a ball 3 times as heavy on a pitch thats mainly mud, he’d probably struggle.

Massive proponent of V.A.R is Messi (Also, Tax dodging)


I genuinely came for some All Time Goat Jokes.

Where is this stricter anti doping? The cheats are always 2 steps ahead of the authorities and willing to really push boundaries. The advent of biological passports has only pushed doping down to microdosing, instead of taking everything without major risk

Enter the cyclists! :rofl:
I hope there’s going to be a general cultural change in all honesty but yeah I am relying on a mythical scientific advancement in testing I suppose.


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Pigs might fly as well. The benefits of doping will always outweigh the morals of it all. Read any interview with any dopers and they’ll say that they doped to win. that attitude is ingrained in all sports and will take many decades to change.