Is this the evening thread?

Hello! I can’t find one :cry: could it be… have I made it???

Please tell me how you all are and what’s for dinner. I will be having noodles and chicken.

Today I made a wreath for my door!! It’s a bit bushy but I’ve never made one before so I am pleased :blush:


Hahaha nope. Delete!!! Delete!!! @moderators

Or merge!!

Is there another evening thread?!

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Ooooh, no there’s not. Haha. Sorry, I got confused with yesterdays evening thread.

This is why I shouldn’t start theads :blush: :blush:



hello I am having wine for dinner


Lovely, what kind of wine?

I currently have three bottles of champagne in the flat!! That’s the most champagne I’ve ever owned at one time!!! It’s a christmas miracle that it hasn’t been drunk yet.

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Delicious and Truly Irresistible Co-op Pinot Noir

Is that Christmas champagne?! Crack it open I say, it’s basically Christmas

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:smiley: amazing!
Hello lovely witches :wave:
How are you?
Currently eating a veggie pizza and watching YouTube videos.
Just messaged my cousin cause I hadn’t heard from him in a few days

So casual. He’s fine btw. Same cousin that once FaceTimed me to “be his eyes” cause he was stranded and drunk in an airport, and randomly sent me a video of him up a mountain cause he’d gone on a bender and ended up there somehow? As you do.


I’m still paranoid there is another thread that I’ve somehow missed. Hopefully not though. What a shambles :laughing:

Oooh I am okay lovely kermit :heart: trying not to be annoyed with myself for not booking off the three days I am working next week. No holibobs left though so blub. How are yooou?? Please send me your veggie pizza. I am CRAVING pizza like nothing else.

I am glad your cousin is okay :smiley:

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Made veggie green Thai curry. Gonna have some Pimm’s and chill the fuck out.

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I think it’s a halloumi roasting tin book thing for dinner so that should be good.

I think it might be recycling day tomorrow too so I should put the bins out.

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It is. I plan to only consume buck’s fizz over the festive period. Soon my friend, SOON it will be consumed. I might chuck a cheeky fizzy cocktail in there too. I’m sure Nigella will have something up her sleeve, she manages to sneak a bit of bubbly in all her cocktails.

Lovely bit of pinot. Very nice :heart:

evening witches and other assorted dissers. gonna make a spicy garlicky stir fry. probably have a face mask and find something to watch. :+1:


Nooo, sorry to hear that :frowning_face: hope you at least have a chunk off for the holidays?!

I am all good thank you! Can’t complain at all. Haha I’ll pop it in the post ASAP :smiley:

Hahaha me too, he’s one of those people that could survive anything tbf. The end of the world will come and it’ll just be him and the cockroaches, God love him.

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My boyfriend was wrapping my birthday presents and ran out of wrapping paper


had an actual social engagement in real life yesterday for the first time in months. was nice

not up to much tonight. i know it’s December but the local gelato shop is doing some Christmassy ice cream flavours so i might go and get one. haven’t been in in a few months.


Gonna order kebabs for tea. That’s about it.


I am having a christmas kebab for tea, which is like a regular kebab but with stuffing and other bits in it. Not as nice as the regular kind tbh, the brussel sprouts aren’t cooked

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Evening all!

I’ve had a rubbish work day full of fixing other people’s problems and passive aggressive arguments about issues I don’t have the power to affect of solve. I feel done with work for 20-21 which is unfortunate because I have two and a half days before I finish for the year and six and a half months before I finish the season.

I did some roasted veg wraps for tea but they were a bit average. Probably should have done more seasoning but who knows.

We might watch His Dark Materials tonight or maybe endless cooking and crafting and Taskmaster.