Is this the Monday evening thread?

Well, is it?

(It wasn’t last time I tried to make the evening thread)



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Anyone doing anything good tonight?

Jimbo must have been doing Chinese New Year at school and was demanding a Chinese dinner, so I popped to Wing Yip at lunchtime and we all shared some noodles, prawn crackers, spring rolls and weird mango sweets.

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Evening all. Went on an 11 mile walk this morning - details here:

Am rather tired now.

Tried a new Green Roasting Tin recipe for dinner (butternut squash and spinach curry)

Probably could have done with a little less lemon but was still decent.


Hello everyone!

I didn’t think, and now my dinner consists of 2 separate dishes whose main ingredients are carbs and cheese. They were both leftovers though so that’s good I guess.

Have some writing to do that I’ve been putting off all day so after dinner I have to do some of it.


Carried home one of those 10kg bags of rice from the shops. In relayed news, significantly misjudged how much effort carrying a 10kg bag of rice from the shops would be.


Both the major food groups!


I’m drinking a winter warmer (cider)


GF’s birthday continues with a trip to the cinema. Aghast at the price of sweets in here.


Hey. Weird day at work. Had a very strange conversation with my boss where she tried to politely tell me there’s a perception I spend too much time on my phone in the office and not enough time on the floor, and then game me a quarterly review of sorts saying I’m a strong performer, and giving me a chunk of work I’d secretly been hoping for :man_shrugging:

Anyway, shroombangers and mash for tea and maybe a beer, shower and bed. Sleepy from getting up at 4am

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very stressful first day. no one really knew what they were doing, turns out I don’t have a manager until they hire one, and loads of the objectives of the project I’m working on are contradictory.

ah well. gotta pay those bills I guess.

Trying to decide what to have for dessert with a cuppa:

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Quiet evening planned here tonight, going to eat some mushroom naise, maybe do a little bit of work and chill out together. Nice.

I’ve just had word that The World Cup of Everything 2020 will take place over the coming days.

Can Local Indian Restaurant retain its gold, or will one of this year’s qualifiers, such as cheddar cheese, Ding Junhui or the flag of the Marshall Islands take its spot as top dog?

Find out! Soon!


There you go giving a fuck when it aint your turn to give a fuck


I often find that ‘perceptions’ is a thinly veiled way of saying ‘I don’t know how you do so well at your job when it seems like you’re doing an other all the time’.

Kinda a backhanded compliment?



Want me to suspend How Tasty for a few days?

This doesn’t need a poll as one of those is a yoghurt

Nah I think the board can handle two fun threads a day