Is this the Tiger Crew forum?



After BNGR came BOOM after BOOM comes ONE WORD!! The new TC BANGER will be released soon and of course it will be accompanied by an action packed VIDEO!!


prepare yourself for shocking footage!! The new TC BANGER “One Word” drops soon!!



All TC needs ist ONE WORD (and a lot of beer)!! New video coming soon!!


Get ready to get real, this IS dangerous!! The new TC BANGER “One Word” will be released Sunday, June 3rd with ANOTHER mind blowing video!!


It’s easy to provoke the beast - it only takes ONE WORD!!

Tiger Crew presents another BANGER!!

Three minutes of PURE energy provide you with the means to go BERZERK!! Just watch KEVIN how he blows of steam on a normal friday afternoon…

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Why would anyone hate TC!!! :0


This is a BANGER!!!


Oh! Kevin!!!


“Oooooh - a tiger maniac”


A banger, and an insight into the day-to-day life of a TIGER!. Great stuff.


Love it. Streets Of Rage.


You can find the latest TC BANGER “One Word” on our Spotify playlist NOT FOR THE WEAK HEARTED!! The playlist is to be treated with CAUTION as it contains eight ENORMOUs BANGERS as of now!!

Direct link to playlist


One Word: BNGR!


@tigercrewtc what ever happened with the remix competition?


We haven’t forgotten it




You will not believe what happened after they tried to shave a TIGER!! Crying mothers and children it was a MASSACRE…you have to see for yourself!!


Really enjoyed this, good work!