Is this the weds evening thread?

Wyd pals? What’s for dinner?




Hi dingers! :heart:

Had a pretty lazy day, which has been very nice. Got a hot face from sitting in the garden. Chicken pesto pasta (the pasta is dinosaur shaped) for tea and more lying down.


Linda Macs, Branston beans, Birdseye potato waffles. Neither of us could be fucked cooking.

Now going to make banana bread.

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Evening. I’m sat in a premier inn on the outskirts of Liverpool, fun times. Got an M&S picnic for tea and will do some work whilst watching Liverpool lift the league trophy tonight.


Wotcha. Got curry for tea (chickpea and paneer and a veg curry). Drinking a beer, waiting for kiddo to finish her dinner. Then it’s her bath and bedtime. Listening to Hamilton Leithauser. His voice is beautiful

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feels like i haven’t stopped for a while. so gonna have a super chilled night with some food and tv.

Hello angelface :slight_smile:
Was gonna order thai food but dunno if I will now, cause there are buildery type men in the hallway and a) I don’t want to scoot past them in my pjs to collect said food and b) also I can hear one of them sneezing.
Need to finish an assignment tonight and I’m on my second glass of prosec. I’m confident though, the one time I got a merit instead of just a pass I wrote the whole thing shitfaced.

evening all :wave:

chilli for dinner today, should be done soon

went for a walk after I finished work, good idea as I think it helped my mood a bit but feet are a bit tired now. plus I went to Asda on the way to get Twix ice cream bars and they had NONE. absolute disgrace.

evening plan: :plate_with_cutlery: :soccer: :video_game: :sleeping_bed:

Good evening bows

I’ve been on a minor Parts Unknown binge today which I’ll continue into this evening. So I’ll be watching folks eat and drink vastly more interesting stuff than I will be.

Waiting for a chilli to be cooked by barleyshugs. Thing is, he takes ages like everything is done one thing at a time. I’m not complaining, just hungry. Might have another slice of cheese while I’m waiting.


Just had a run. Going to make a tofu and aubergine rendang, drink one of the left handed giant cans from the fridge, and watch the footers.

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Watching Selma

Omg you just reminded me I have chianti!!!

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any good?!

Yeah I’m drinking in the park, wanna fight about it? It’s actually not very aggro, it’s nice and sunny out

Work tomorrow got the fears


Will left you know in an hour and half

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Evening all!

Wor Lass is spending the evening in hospital because her gallbladder is playing up again.

The Child refused to eat the shakshuka I’d made for me and her because it was too spicy. Normally she says this to avoid eating things that don’t have much sugar, but I have definitely overdone the heat and am glistening mildly.

My union pension advisor has given me some homework before I can combine some of my many, many pension funds so I might do that tonight while watching an online beer festival (and drinking) and trying to finish Wu Assassins on Netflix.

There’s an auld boy here feeding some ducks, he clearly loves them.