Is this the weds evening thread?

alright dingers
done a run, framed a print. gonna roast some cauliflower, watch some footers.


Tortellini and tomato & basil sauce for dinner, was tastier than expected.

No big plans for tonight. I want to buy some beer, but there aren’t any beer places close enough by that I can be arsed to go to. Why do the nice places have to be far away at the other end of town, or up a big hill, or closed when I want to go to them?

Worth the wait. It were luvleh


I’m incapable of parallel thought

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Pork and cabbage dumplings w/dipping sauce and kimchi fried rice. Rice was a bit wet to fry well, but overall good honk.

Might have some outdoor beers with my nearby m80.

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It’s painful to observe

You’re copycatting me again, I watched this Sunday


Chicken shawarma on flat breads with Greek yoghurt sauce and lemon rice.

It was L. E. G. I. T.



Oh man I’ve been trying to cut down the calories but had a night away and overindulged a bit. Now we’re home i couldn’t be bothered cooking so ordered an Indian and just went for some tandoori chicken and lamb pieces which comes with rice and sauce - it’s probably the healthiest option and leaves me still a tiny bit hungry so it must be a bit lower in calories. But by mistake, they have sent me a full tandoori mixed grill so I’ve got chunks of tandoori chicken and lamb, kebab meat, chicken chaat and half a tandoori chicken. Plus rice and a naan. I mean bonus but also fucking hell, I was trying to be good.

Not so much the fabled seventh nugget, more the twenty seventh.


This happens to me all the time: I intend to eat fruit and salad, but due to someone else’s incompetent work, I end up eating a load of biscuits and drinking beers.

This country.


At least no loser has suggested I save some in the fridge for tomorrow. Ridiculous idea.

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It’s a fucking joke. I mean I always intend to go to bed at 10pm but the telly stays on and force feeds me Parks and Recreation forever, fucking bastards.

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Realised I didn’t have nearly enough for tea so willing R to get to sleep soon so I can to up and then have a beer if the threatened migraine flare up stays at bay.

Got some very exciting post I haven’t had a chance to more than glance at yet so really looking forward to that :slight_smile:

Not sure if I or watch a film tonight or just read.


I painted a fence for the first time today, feeling very adult


Made the best 10 song playlist I’ve ever made in my life I think. Very depressing tracklist, but love it. Have listened to it over and over today.

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Wow Mary Berry looks well old



‘I Drove My Tractor Through Your Haystack Last Night: The Very Best Of The Wurzels’?

Let’s see it?!


Also don’t forget my new album is out in two days thanks!