Is this weird?

Son’s nursery nativity tomoz. 30+ kids, one set of parents wouldn’t sign off on photos so no one is allowed to take any.

What is the harm of photos? Fear of sexual predators? Having their soul stolen through the lens?

I have no opinion on this. I am however interested to know what role your son is playing, what his lines are etc and your anticipated pride levels from the performance.

I’d deffo take photos.

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He is a wise man. I think it is just singing based, heard a few snippets, one that seems to be about a ‘chopsident’ so interested to find out what that is about.

Pride levels will be high.

I (and I’m sure everybody else here at wish him all the best for the performance


We had to buy him the outfit, he has refused a beard.

Good for him, but what’s his role in the play?!?!?!


Are you resentful about the incurred cost? Why has he refused the beard?

future image rights

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There are a number of religious sects for whom taking photos is a no-no. Maybe that’s the reason?

I’ve heard of schools saying no photos before prob to paranoia about predators*/being sued

*which is kind of strange if you think about it, I mean what kind of show are they putting on?

Nah, it was only £8 and I am well used to nursery (who get a large proportion of my wages anyway) trying to fleece me for everything I have got.

I don’t know about the beard but I was hovering over the buy now button and he wasn’t having any of it.

Sounds like he’ll be playing the wise man as a Chinese astronomer.

Can he do a vaguely racist Chinese accent?

Of course, we do 15 minutes of racist accents of the world before bed every night.


You should have got it anyway, could have had a late change of heart and you never know when it might have come in useful anyway.

I once had to be a snowflake in a school play when the three other boys in my year all got to be cool villianous rats. It’s no exaggeration to say that this horrendously misguided bit of teaching has had a tangibly negative effect on my entire life and sense of self-worth thereafter. Luckily no photos exist (bar one of me looking on the verge of tears pre-performance) as I hid behind a tree throughout the show. As a result of this experience I am relieved to hear that the taking of photos at these events is now strictly policed.

Bet none of those rats sit down for a piss!

Balonz has got the sticky tape at the ready.

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Probably not mate, you’re right

shame he’s not going to grow up to be a DiSer

To be honest, that is all I could ever ask of him.