Is this weird?

My two nephews and niece are all in their first nativity plays this week. Their roles are, respectively, Kneeling Shepherd, Sheep and Mary (the latter two are in the same performance).

Who is the big star of the nativity? Bearing in mind that Jesus will be a plastic doll? Mary & JoJo as the big two? Not sure of the hierarchy after that. Wise man has to be up there though, surely!

I’ll get my long lens out and find a nice bush.

Innkeeper and wise men all on a par I’d say. Possibly the narrator if they’ve went for one.

I reckon it goes

Narrator (if used)
Angel Gabriel
Wise men
Assorted animals
Snowflakes and other made up parts for the useless kids

  1. Narrator
  2. Mary
  3. Joseph
  4. Angel Gabriel
  5. Caspar
  6. Balthazar
  7. (Little) Donkey
  8. Villagers
  9. The Star
  10. Sheep/other animals
  11. Melchior
  12. Shepherds

Most of them are three and a few are just four so narrator has got to be out of the question.

Lonz which gift is your wiselad bringing?

No idea. Will find out tomorrow. Fingers crossed for myrrh!

Wouldn’t be Chrimbus without some smellies!

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Literally just back from my daughter’s. She was the narrator. Actually, 32 of them were the narrator. That plays hell with the hierarchy…

compromise with a moustache?

i got to be the narrator in our school play one year. didn’t have to learn my lines or wear a proper costume. didn’t even have that many lines, just at the beginning and end mainly. was fucking great.

i was balthazar.

like to think I nailed it.

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Casper had a soul patch I believe.

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Tell him he wonder simply wear the beard.


Could be that there’s a kid in the class who’s the centre of a serious child protection case and / or has been adopted / placed into foster care and they don’t want the birth parent(s) (if that’s the correct term) to trace him/her.

Sorry, as you were. Nativity!!!


made you look like a right cunt lonzo.

can’t say I’m enjoying this.


i’m sure that’s the plot of kindergarten cop