Is "Thor: The Dark World" the worst film ever?

I’m ten minutes in and I’m thinking it’s a contender. I’ve just got to the bit where Anthony Hopkins says “You must think I’m a piece of bread that needs to be heavily buttered”

Haha!! The bf and I fell asleep twice trying to watch this.

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I saw that fucker in the cinema! I nearly fell asleep.

the new spiderman film looks really bad. why’s iron man in it so much? they should kill him off

Ooh now it’s got the bloke from Bridesmaids and the IT Crowd in! Things must improve now right?

Fuck. I’m inadvertently liveblogging a Marvel film now aren’t I…

I am hoping for a standoff between Asgard and… the elves(??) next to the Walrus at the Horniman.

i’m currently watching jupiter ascending

…so no.

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is that on Netflix? I think I need to switch.

I’m impressed with the beginning. There were these dark elves right and then there was a fight and the elves got the ether only they didn’t get the ether (wait what happened there?) and then the elves escaped and then there’s another fight and then… oh god.

Suicide Squad on here. Definitely worse.

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it’s on amazon

friday night, eh. you want to watch something really shit

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aye but does it have a bleach blonde channing tatum as a dog-human hybrid with anti-gravity boots? don’t think it does


iron man 2 is shit. put me off bothering with the rest of the marvel films until guardians, which is great cos of chris pratt.

There’s a generic storyline in there somewhere that would take maybe 10 minutes of screen time to tell, but they’ve padded it out to two hours with complete twattery to make it completely unwatchable.

For the first time in about twenty years I’m having one of those nights where you don’t bother eating, you just crack open the booze and watch something wank. I’m wondering if I’m up to it, physically, emotionally or psychologically.

They are literally all the same film aren’t they?

iron man 2 is especially boring though. that bit at the grand prix goes on for about four days.


Hey guys you’ll never guess what. Some people have just run into a big bright light and ended up in a spaceship with Idris Elba.

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