Is today the last day of the old forums?



I remember sean posting on facebook that it was in October that the old loser site would become read only, can’t remember if it was the first or not.

If so, can I have a final reading of my post count etc from there please someone?


Is today the last day of the old forums?

  • yes
  • no
  • dunno

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can foppyish have a final reading of their post count etc from there?

  • no
  • dunno

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Gosh remember when everyone was talking about it being the last day of the forums and then the advertisers thought it was serious and then sean got cross with us.

Feel a bit bad about it in hindsight.


what does Eps know that we don’t?


Strange how the two creators of that wheeze are still knocking about on the old site. Poetic really.


would have thought that was self evident dude


it’s already Application Erroring all over now, not sure if that’s the level of read-only we’re talking about


Nerdy card game strategies and incredibly niche Star Wars trivia, mostly.


When are we getting the full-time stats that @japes promised us?!?!?!


I just went back there and it tried to kill my computer


I posted on there, woah. Feel a bit dirty


I only put the request in!

@ohgood is working on it


Really enjoying @Kallgeese’s last thread on the old boards :smiley:


Forgot about the absolute pissartistry of the Enter key posting your topic if you hit it accidentally.


Classic DiS.


It is now. Quite envious of SDD who I think got the last post in.


That was absolutely hilarious


Ahhh fuck. Fair play SDD.


I got last post on the music board, praising Tony Wright from Terrorvision on his rapping skills! Yssss!

Big fan of this combo being left there