Is your boss a Tory?

  • Yes and it makes me want to leave
  • Yes and I put up with it
  • Don’t know
  • No

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Mine described himself today as a ‘roaring tory’. Imagine actually saying that without any shame. Wish I didn’t have to breathe the same air as the cunt.


Think I’d have snapped at this to be fair.


Blessed to be gainfully employed in a workplace where there is not a single Tory among 165 colleagues



Labour Party?

Gives off very Swinson vibes

Always on about nuking stuff!?

We have our staff conference coming up, about a week before election day, and my boss wanted to just put on ken loaches new film instead of any speakers, so no, i don’t think he is.
(We are obviously not doing this!)


Not even on UKbook m9


Dunno, he refers to his wife as a corbynista though

Not mine


Current workplace is relatively (I am currently working in ‘The City’) Labour friendly but I’ve mentioned on here that during the 2015 election I was working for a former treasurer of The Conservative Party :scream::scream::scream_cat: Politics chat not encouraged…

Dunno, don’t care. Not interested in talking politics with people I work with. They’re a good line manager and that’s enough for me.


Pretty much this.

Someone younger than me who used to work here always described himself as a “proud blue”. Remember him complaining about how he wouldn’t pay off his student loan until 2064 and getting absolutely laid into by someone else. Was a Good Day.

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The audit bunker has to be predominately Tory, doesn’t it?

Not on bossbook

My workplace is heavily left/left-leaning to the point the most of them know and approve of Corbyn.