Is your car parked outside your house/workplace on google maps?



mine is not. tried the last 3 abodes and no dice.


Mine is outside my house.


nah. I have secure parking, away from the prying eyes of google.


not on carbook, mate


I don’t have a car at the moment, i suppose the closest thing is my shoes


Mine is not, although I know the exact day that the streetview was taken as in it my neighbours car has been clamped for not having his emissions tax paid up…


yep (it is now parked in the car park so would not be on an updated google maps)


Dont have a car, bit exclusive this thread


My girlfriend’s car is, yes.


fine is your scooter lying in your mum’s front garden on google maps then


yes we have a hit!


^unconfirmed hit!


I don’t drive. My gf’s car is NOT in our drive. My parent’s car is NOT on their drive.


It is not, but I did find myself on it the other day. I’m crossing a street near Start the Bus in Bristol.


Crossing the road, or waiting by a crossing/traffic light?


don’t answer this for the love of god


I’ve already said too much.


Our street isn’t even on streetview yet. However from the aerial photos, I’m not at home. I’m not at work either as there are no cars in any of the spaces I park in.

My girlfriend’s old old car is on her mom and dad’s drive.

My dad is following the Streetview car down the road outside their old house.


No. Went for a run with one of my neighbours last night and he was moaning about the car over the road from him literally never moving. Street ornament, he called it. Sure enough it’s parked right there on Googlemaps. Also, the people over the road’s cat is sitting under their car.