Is your Dad a nerd, mate?



How nerdy is your Dad mate?

My Dad has just got into bonsai trees and we got him a cheese-making kit for Xmas so he’s been into figuring out ways to regulate the temperature of his garage for optimum ageing.

He also is going to a classic car show soon and loves naval history.


What are the most Dad things ever?
Standing desks

My dad has no interests. He’s not anything.


he’s got eight cars and a house in ireland




We haven’t spoken in 12 years, so you’re probably better off asking him what he’s into these days.




in that case, no he’s not geeky in the slightest. the exact opposite actually.


Expensive guitar that he plays occasionally but isn’t great at. Still considers himself a lefty and reads the guardian but is getting into intellectualised islamophobia in a pretty worrying way. Falls asleep in pubs more often than he used to. Likes to read a football column once a fortnight and repeat it as gospel in football chat. Good lad overall, don’t think this constitutes nerdiness. He’s started playing walking football, too


My dad is a Town Planner

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Sheet Metal worker. Worked on factory floors all his life. Would probably say the opposite of a nerd, which makes him find dealing with me and my brothers a bit confusing I think.


FUCK. This should have been a poll thread, you do a brief description of your Dad and then a Nerd or Not Nerd poll underneath.

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He’s always got some stupid hobby/scheme on the go. He built a pizza oven in his back garden last year. It’s massive, and does work really well to be honest.

Sadly, it’s so expensive to fill the thing with wood, it works out at about £40 a pizza. He’s taken to pulling old doors and stuff out of skips to fuel it. Idiot.

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He has a lot of casual interests and reads a fair bit I think but he doesn’t really do anything at all. He’ll vaguely know about anything you want to talk about but not much in depth nerdy knowledge really.

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great thread btw ant I only wish you had thought of the poll bit in time.


My dad has worked in a factory for his entire life (building boats and that) but he has millions of interests:

  • painting (birds, planes and boats and other stuff)
  • birdwatching
  • making stuff out of wood
  • flying model areoplanes
  • riding (and building) motorbikes
  • building stuff

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this is the correct method of collecting wood fuel.

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Former professional Rugby player
Started a software company in the 80’s, and still works in tech.


My dad is pretty technical, can fix pretty much any machine, spends a lot of time obeying the council about improving the one way system, has a website of sketches and stuff. He doesn’t have any pop culture interests though




Huge train nerd. Handy for when I want to bounce travel ideas around with him.