is your diet balanced?

how’re you doing?

i go through periods of eating shitloads of beg

but i’ve eaten almost no fruit for the last 15 years

defo need more seeds and nuts

can’t remember the last time i had beg


Better than it used to be

cane the chia seeds
have a daily smoothie

def need more milk, whole grains and need to cut down on processed and red meats, but I’m working on it

I’m on the coffee, burritos, pizza and beer diet. I’m sure i’ll be fine.


No meat, lots of pulses, beans, nuts, veg, eggs etc. Probs too many processed carbs and definitely too much salt but overall pretty decent. Just eat far more than I ought to

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protein: 45
carb: 25
fat: 30

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Realised I was a little unsure what are the good whole grains.

@Avery I wanna get freekeh with yooooou

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Freekeh is really good

I’m happy with my diet these days. Some strange recommendations in there if you ask me, like milk and nuts. Can get by perfectly well without those.

Pretty sure I eat too much salt but, fuck it, it makes things delicious.

Too much booze as well, obviously, but see deliciousness point above.

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Too much sugar in general but otherwise not too bad actually. Other than snacks, which I do have too much of, I don’t eat very much processed food, I don’t eat much red meat, eat veggie (more often vegan) about four or five days a week, don’t cane the salt, don’t drink at home and rarely go out to drink…

Still fat though.

Wholegrains is where I’m letting myself down, but 'er indoors can’t have them for medical reasons and like fuck am I making half and half.

alright dane bowers

I can’t pronounce it in a way that doesn’t make me sound like I’m propositioning someone in the 1970s

Nuts and seeds - pretty much zero.

Everything else - fairly healthy. Probably eat too much cheese…

Probably not, basically just always trying to eat less bread.

I’m really good at eating enough bread and cheese


I eat almonds most day, try to have a few other nuts too. Always eating some fruits and porridge too. I tend to be down on veg on Saturdays, due to being out and about, but we make up for that most Sundays and are pretty good at getting them into our dinners, even if they’re just on the side and don’t really go with what we’re eating/we can’t be bothered to include them directly. As much as I love salt, we tend not to put much into our food, as as soon as you eat anything you’ve not made yourself, you’re more than enough to cover the deficit. all of that is fine. However, i get far too much sugar. usually in the form of alcohol, or chocolate, so idk. I’m healthier than I used to be, but definitely need to straighten up some things.

My diet is very bad. I should really eat more sensibly but it’s very, very boring and shit to do so.


I have a single banana every day around 11pm and that usually balances everything else out I think


It’s not too bad but I find it hard not to grab a Wispa Gold whenever I’m in the shop

I’m also a Weetos fiend, I’ve tried to eat healthier cereals but museli doesn’t make the milk go chocolatey