Is your face out of time?

I worry a bit that I’ll never look like a grown up and I’ll go straight from child face to old man face. People tend to think I’m between 18-23yo but I’m 31yo.

John Sergeant has the face and ruddy complexion of a 19th century pervert

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This happened to me. A couple of people have recently commented on how young I look in my driving licence picture compared to now. It was taken 4 years ago.

my face looks lived in. Probably in an era before penicillin



I definitely don’t look like or come across as a generic 2010s sort of person imo but that’s possibly because I find today’s fashion sense (hair/clothes) absolutely awful and dreadful so I always strive to look different.

The thread title sounds like some great band banter between a drummer and another musician.


I look more 80s I think