Is Your Hard Disk Drive Encrypted?

Well? Is it?

I asked it, but it wouldn’t tell me.

I’m not familiar with this method

My work one is but my home one isn’t.

I don’t understand hard drive encryption when all you need to decrypt it is the password

Not at £120 for a copy of Windows 10 Pro, no. Will do it if I ever get a MSDN subscription again.

What’s your hard drive encryption name? It’s your mother’s maiden name, plus your house number, plus your date of birth.

We have to use Filevault at work. Don’f fully understand why.

Stops someone without the password (i.e. not you) from accessing the data.

Some implementations of Bitlocker also use a key in the hardware to stop the drive being read from another machine or require a hardware key to be inserted to boot up.