Is your mother a dweeb?

Please try and refrain from Nuts humour and have a bit of bloody decorum if you can.

This is an offshoot of is your Dad a nerd thread that went so fantastically well, basically post some of your mum’s hobbies and then a poll (not a thread thanks that would be chaos) asking if she’s a dweeb or not.

Some mums have no pastimes at all do they, which is worrying. Please advise.

Is this a dweeb as in Rude Dog and the Dweebs?

In which case, no, my mother was never invited to become one of Rude Dog’s sidekicks.


true, but some mothers do 'ave 'em

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please advise



really difficult to buy gifts for


My mum used to enjoy entering random words into Kazaa and other filesharing sites and downloading whatever came up. In this way she was at one point into Insane Clown Posse.

She also enjoys jive dancing, cycling, the paranormal, prehistoric history, seances, and PC management games. Her favourites include Roller Coaster Tycoon 2 and Zeus: Master of Olympus.


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My Mum is mainly just dead into wildlife (mostly birds), she made my Dad build a house for two hedgehogs that live in the garden and she has a CCTV camera type thing out there to watch them. Can’t move for bird feeders, bird houses, bird baths etc and she buys bird food on an industrial scale. One of the two sheds in the garden is dedicated purely to bird food (she makes muesli for the hedgehogs).

When not doing bird related stuff she loves baking really good cakes for people, this one for my niece was fun:

She works for an art magazine and has to deal with loads of mad old people who have conspiracy theories about the watercolour artists that get featured in their mag and who wins the competitions etc, they ring up to whinge to her and it’s dead funny.

She’s really short (it’s where I get it from) and kind and gentle and lovely but with an enormous amount of inner-strength and patience as well. She’s the fucking best.

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It was really great timing for my niece to be born when she was. I’ve no idea how my mum was planning on filling her retirement days otherwise​.

Yes my mum doesn’t have any interests and actively sneers at anyone else being interested in anything. She refers to it as being “obsessed” or “addicted” if anyone shows a mild interest in anything, and seems to think the earlier you snap out of it the better.


Oh yeah, she likes to read and watch tv, but hates anything with even the slightest fantastical element, even things like dream sequences. Complains it’s “all made up”.

Oh and buying second hand crap off ebay and feeling smug that she got a “bargain” even if the thing is total crap. (See also buying knock-off electronics that never work properly).

That would infuriate me.

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I’m not big on having conversations with her.

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My Mum likes history, travel, Italian films, drawing and watching boxsets that I recommend and buy for her. She’s lapping up Breaking Bad at the moment.

She’s not a dweeb. Doesn’t even need a poll.

My mum has no hobbies apart from going on holiday or back to South America to visit family, taking lots of photos and making photobooks on the internet, using her iPad and commenting on Guardian articles posted on Facebook about how Corbyn is ruining the Labour Party. She also loves drinking and treats anyone who doesn’t drink much with suspicion.

She recently retired from teaching English at a crap secondary school - I used to get people on buses or on the street tell me how scary she was once they realised I was her daughter, plus my old DT teacher met her at a conference and told me she swore a lot (she is very sweary).

My sister says she is a fantastic grandma. She loves Christmas and all other holidays/feast days including the ones they make up in South America (Friends’ Day, Teachers’ Day etc)

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My mum doesn’t really read any more and the TV is always on but she’s not really watching it.

Since I got her a tablet and mobile internet she’s spent some time looking up light fittings on the Next and John Lewis websites and that’s about it.

I think the reason several rooms have been redecorated each time I visit is because, well, how else do people pass the time?

My mum’s only passions are:

  • Flower arranging
  • Being a massive Tory
  • Being anti-feminist (inc. being proud of having gone to anti-abortion rallies in her yoof)
  • Talking loads about how she’s moved on from caring about my dad

She does things she thinks she ought to be interested in like going to the theatre or visiting art galleries, but in this weirdly perfunctory manner where you can tell she’s only doing it because she thinks it’s what educated folk enjoy. Makes me a bit sad tbh.

I love her, but she’s a dweeb.

I seriously regret putting a poll into mine. She’s not a dweeb.

My mum likes to start DIY projects and then abandon them half-finished because she can’t be bothered. She has always lived in a building site, and when she finally got her old house done she moved. I don’t think she’d actually be comfortable living in a nice house. She mocks me for cleaning and wanting things to be put away properly. When I was a teenager I used to clean when she was out so that we’d have a habitable place. I think she thought the cleaning fairy did it all.

I’ll vote not dweeb if that helps.

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Your mum sounds terrific

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