Is your office doing a sweepstakes?

Does your office do these kind of things?

Ever won?

Yup, got Switzerland :confused:

Never won, always have middle table mediocrity.


40 isn’t divisible by 3

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Yup, I got Uruguay for the winner and Reus and Alli for the top-scorer ones. Didn’t participate in the “Officiating the final” sweepstake.

They’re ruddy not you know. Bloody Welsh. If it’s not Rugby they’re not interested.

Yes for the Grand National, but not for the World Cup (we do a prediction league instead).
Never won either, obviously.

yep, got :poland:

I would be furiously protesting an office Grand National sweepstakes!

It’s not to late.
I’ve only just opened ours!

got Brazil but am not particularly excited about it? will probably change once the tournament starts I guess

in the Euros I got Portugal and swapped it for Hungary so I could support the Mighty Magyars - still think that Portugal team were shit tbh

Someone in our office stopped us doing one this year. Killjoy :roll_eyes:

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Give them my respect pls

Yeah but I’d have to faff about chasing people for cash and I’m rubbish at that. It’d end up costing me money.

Still tempted mind. Love a good sweepstake.

Got Denmark

Might get out their group

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Good luck with that. The sweepstake is run by someone who spend every lunchtime at the bookies, betting on the horses.

i organised our work sweepstake and managed to draw Iran for myself. still had people complaining it was a fix and should be redrawn as well. shouldn’t have bothered tbqph.

I’d still win. I can be quite persistent/annoying/able to grind people down.

We could make this into a beeve if you want. I reckon the horses love it so you’d be taking away their enjoyment :woman_shrugging:

Yep - got France and Denmark.