Is your phone listening to your conversations solidarity and research club

Hi. Thread for documenting when you think your phone might’ve been eavesdropping and reporting on your spoken conversations, and possibly testing whether this is the case.

Someone please type into google “how long can you” and tell me what the top suggested searches are.

Don’t even cook chicken so :person_shrugging:

My phone should really know by now that I am actually a vegetarian

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I’m not doing a screenshot cause I’m not that needy but it’s the same as all these people ^^^

Screenshot button isn’t working but mines

r penis get

Really didn’t expect it to be “covid” that my phone would assume. Come on GCHQ agents, you know me better than that.

Check out Wesley “16 Tabs” Berry here

34 here. Was 100+ but then I got a new (to me) phone.

Just type in ‘paella recipe’ mate

Only 16 requires remarkable restraint. Had to do ‘close all tabs’ at the weekend because it was showing ‘:D’


lol at all of you phone wankers dissing on your phones

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That’s remarkable. I get a bit funny if I have more than 4 open at a time.

nikki’s planing on running for PM