Islands and their things

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Do all islands pretend to have some kind of specialty?

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Harris has tweed, so that’s a thing.

Arran has wool?
Kintyre has mulls
Islay has whisky

Isle of Man has cats

Lindisfarne has monks (and Gazza)

Sodor has uppity trains

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Please split all of this chat into an ‘Islands and their things’ thread

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Great Britain has Brexit and rain

Hawaii has shirts


Island Of White has tomatoes…

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Jersey has potatoes

And the Isle of Dogs has dogs

And cows

(and the Isle of Wight has Cowes!!! :smile: :smiley: :D)

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That’s on the Isle of Wight

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sicily and corsica have mafias

You edited this as I replied.

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Virgin Islands have, er, celibacy?

The Isle of Sark has the Barclay bros (proper cunts)