Isle of Dogs


Looks very… Wes Anderson.


No thanks.


I know I’ll love it but it does look like a mad-Lib version of Wes Anderson


Enjoyed Fantastic Mr. Fox, imagine i’ll enjoy this. Wes Anderson is a rare breed of film-maker who can create a style so distinct that his films begin to feel like pastiches of themselves. Plenty of big time directors making completely indistinct work from each other so I’m always interested to see Wes’ films.


Aw my friend worked on this for like a year. Hope it does very well.

I’m still not sure if I like WA films


Despite loving dogs and most of WA’s previous work (although diminishing returns from his last few live action films IMO) this looks quite irritating.


Moonrise Kingdom was on TV the other day and was a lot worse than I remember it. Somehow managed to fool myself into thinking the child actors were good the first time, but they’re crap. Great soundtrack obviously (his films are always at least good for that). But I really love Fantastic Mr Fox and I reckon this’ll be a laff.


used to be a decent isle but it’s gone to the absolute dogs


Bought the DVD for a date night back whenever… it’s still sealed.



Looks well bad.

Trailer also appears to give away most of the film.


Fuck offfffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffff


how can you moan about attenborough being twee and then share this
get your head straight hyg


This is for kids


Moonrise Kingdom is my second favourite of his (behind Rushmore), I think it’s wonderful. Even Bruce Willis actually makes an effort in it.


Well, I’m excited for this even if none of you are.


I am too! :heart:


I think this looks unbearably twee, to be clear. Quite like Anderson, but puppet dogs? Nah.

  • i will likely see ‘Isle of Dogs’
  • i will likely not see ‘Isle of Dogs’
  • never heard of wes anderton mate

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Went there last week no need to go back again really (ever)