Isle of Dogs

wife got offered a job interview there and i told her not to bother. grim af

It’s got a big Asda.


hey c’mon guys this looks fine


i like his stuff. some of this looks quite formulaic in that he repeats himself a lot for his whole style thing. seems like it’ll be far from his best work, but i’ll likely go and see it and probably enjoy it

liked Fantastic Mr. Fox, so I’ll likely see this. I’m a bit hot and cold on his other movies.





That was pretty good too

I would have liked to have seen Wes Anderson tackle this

saw this last night, it was fucking great

This looks amazing. Bit trendy at the minute to bash Anderson, but I reckon he’s one of the best directors of the last fifty years. Fight me.


Did you see @Lo-Pan staggering about?


as i left he was drunkenly bending the ear of one of the producers about having jackson feature in the sequel


I’m going to watch this. I’m going to like this.


I really love most of his films but I’d say it’s been diminishing returns for a while from him now, tried to rewatch Moonrise Kingdom recently and it’s really bad.

The trailer for this puts me on edge a bit

I really like Moonrise Kingdom but I didn’t love Grand Budapest.

I love Anderson generally but am not fussed by this film at all. I think it’s because of Fantastic Mr Fox, which I liked, but feels more like a quirky curiosity than a great film.

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I didn’t fall for Grand Budapest either really, felt like him on autopilot.

I like Fantastic Mr Fox quite a lot but there’s something about this which makes me feel like it won’t have the same charm, possibly related to the Japanese setting with non-Japanese actors which feels very tone deaf at the minute.

I went to the Isle of Dogs last week