Isle of Mull megathread

Things to do on the Isle of Mull innit. With v small kids. Probably gonna go to the beach one day, maybe go whale watching, staying in a room above a pub. Might go and look at a hydro scheme.
Been there? Go on.

Not been, but when I go I’m gonna go to Iona. Kids love ancient monasteries, right?

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I’ve spent a bit of time on Iona working so should spare the kids that really.

think i’ve been there when I was 4 or something
bought a small rock with a harp painted on it. endless fun


Cycled round it about 25 years ago.
Tobermory is nice and colourful.

Lots of whisky distilleries. Kids love whisky distilleries.


Went a couple of years ago, weather was fairly miserable. Tobermory was nice. Drove around the island, went to the beach and walked along the rocks, found a dead sheep. 8/10 day.

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3/10 day without the sheep discovery yeah

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climb up ben more

might be a bit difficult for the kids right enough

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Dont think he’s climbed up ben at all yet

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gonna have to mull this over a bit and get back to you

high 5s everyone in thread and sprints out triumphantly


6 hour scramble up rocky scree. 4 month olds LOVE that almost as much as they love distillery tours

go look at otters? there’s not that much on mull

buy them a painted rock to keep them happy


Train to Glasgow

Oh, believe me offence is taken

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Apparently the potato famine wiped out 70% of Mull’s population in the C19th.

Go and hunt down Colin from the Mull Historical Society and get him to play the kids some songs?

Once threw a crab onto an old ladies head on Mull. I’ve told this story on here before.

Tell it again

Good shot tbf