Isle of Mull megathread


Good shot tbf


8 or 9 years old went on a boat trip to Mull. Got off the boat and was walking as part of a large group up to a castle. I’d found the shell of a dead crab on the shore and was carrying it around, as 8 year olds do. My mum yelled at me to throw it away so I did, but I landed on the path and I was concerned that it might get stepped on :roll_eyes:. Picked it up again and got yelled at again so this time I gave it an almighty throw and it landed on an old ladies head. She had a bouffant perm which cushioned the landing of the crab and she didn’t notice and instead carried on walking oblivious. Mum made me go up and tell her. ‘Excuse me but you have an erm…crab on your head’.

Story still gets told at Christmas.


Thread delivered. Might take a crab with me just in case.


The aquarium in Tobermory. Lots of hands-on stuff for kids.
The walk along to the lighthouse if the weather’s nice.
If you can hire bikes in Tobermory, take the ferry over to Ardnamurchan - Even more remote than anywhere on Mull.
Beach at Calgary Bay is lovely. Go there.
Wee ferry over to Ulva to explore the trails.

Fucking love Mull.