Isle of White

Probably easier if they just changed the name anyway, right?

we were talking about this earlier



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Didn’t see a thread on it. Searched the site for the relevant words and nothing came up.

I can only assume it was in the shite daily thread and very badly posted.

Are people on the Isle of White weirder than people who live on Guernsey?

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Yes, but not as weird as those who live on the Isle of Man.

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And there we go.

Isle of Shight

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Guernsey has the Barclay brothers, so not remotely possible.

be nice about the daily thread


I had to google that one

My mistake. They live in/on Sark.

Did you Google it?

DiS search works a bit better than google, so no.

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They actually live on Brecqhou :+1:

I’ve been to both Guernsey and The Island Of White this very month :raised_hands:

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Isle of White? Is that were all the UKIpers are moving to?

I’ve had a 'mare here.

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62% Leave, wan’t it?