Isn’t it ironic


What do you think?

An old man turning ninety-eight
Winning the lottery and dying the next day

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none of the song is ironic. which is in fact in itself incredibly ironic. #shesdoneusall


A black fly in your Chardonnay

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That is yet to be decided


I really loved those bits in The Trip where Coogan and Brydon blasted Alanis in the car and belted it out


none of the song, is ironic.



A death row pardon two minutes too late

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I wonder what Ed Byrne would say about this?


No, it’s moronic


Rain on your wedding day

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It’s like raiiiin
preventing you from attending a convention about the adverse affects of weather on infrastructure.

  • Pleasingly Ironic
  • A little… too ironic.

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A free ride when you’ve already paid

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good song though so who gives a shit?


this is fraud.




like irony is just some dumb word made up by a dead guy, why do people feel they need to pat themselves on the back for knowing the correct definition?

(not you xylo just everybody ever)


the catburglar being caught by the very man that was trying to catch him

  • How ironic
  • Sneakers… for sneaking.

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you’re patting yourself on the back by trying to be superior about it as we speak. We’re all caught in an infinite loop of backslapping nihilism

  • Let it wash over you
  • Have a sandwich

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I’m not though don’t worry.

I’m being the voice of reason and honesty