Isn't this fun!?

I love ISATD so much :heart:


I’m an absolute Samantha

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You absolutely are :dancer:

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Never heard it called that before

No it’s very overwhelming and anxiety-producing trying to keep up but that’s just me and I’m going to keep out of the way and hope everyone else has a nice time.


It’s like a buffet of the greatest minds in the UK (and beyond)


You don’t need to keep up with everything!

It is international, after all

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was gonna say the world but that sounds too arrogant then.

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Yes you do, you might miss something that becomes an in joke and you end up going “yeah haha Anglos to you too” without ever knowing what it means


I mean, I still have some of those blind spots from years and years ago, it’s only fair that other people have them as well

However there will of course be a surprise pop quiz at the end of the day.

I can’t pick and choose which things make me anxious I’m afraid.

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If i win it can i have my edit button back

Imagine if we could though

If you win my surprise pop quiz at the end of the day, you can have ten edit buttons.

This is a cruel trick and there is no quiz, you are mean

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Oh, didn’t mean that you should just pretend you could or anything. I also have anxiety about many, many things and it was more just “whoaaa imagine if we COULD control it”.

So yeah, not helpful in the slightest, but also not having a go or anything :stuck_out_tongue:

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Sorry, I’m in the midst of several different stressful thinks at work, wasn’t my finest post, that :heartbeat:

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Just gonna go through and feast on these new threads!

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