Isolation Games

Hope this isn’t a duplicated thread.

What games have people been playing with their pals remotely? Got a Skype session tonight planned, thinking of playing battleships on pen and paper.

Little thing called Animal Crossing


A fun game which requires no equipment and is v popular with my kids is 21. So basically you count around the table or room starting at 1. Each person can say 1,2 or 3 numbers. The person who says 21 is out.

So I might say 1,2 then R 4,5 then V 6 then MrS 7,8,9 and so on. Usually we conspire to get V out because the always tries to cheat at games :laughing:


Drawful and Fibbage both very popular. Also playing through A Way Out with a uni mate.

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Played Jackbox at the weekend with some friends online, it was great fun!

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Regularly playing Ticket to Ride with my wife. Even starting to win games now. I will make the best railway track.

Playing a Stellaris game as a robotic assimilating race (so like the Borg) called they Covids, led by the mighty robot Covid-19

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I have a very basic laptop so presumably can’t run much but good internet speed so any recs for simple, fun games I can run would be appreciated!

Stardew Valley

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Wassat? :blush:

Rural life sim where you escape the hustle and bustle of the city to do farming, fishing, foraging, sperlunking etc and become a small community farmer. If you want to play online there is an option to play with up to 4 players, each running your own lil farm or all running the same one. It’s very relaxing.

It’s on all platforms including PC



That sounds very wholesome indeed :smile:

I bought this humble bundle today. Loads of great games (including Jackbox 2) and all for a good cause

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Might try and run a ps2 emulator

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