Isolation hair

Had another crack now that I’m past The Fear

That bit in the middle at the back is annoying but I can feel the obsession creeping in and I really need to stop before I end up doing

Pretty pleased for a bum clipper haircut with no proper mirror for the back tbqfh. Although who the FUCK snuck into my house and dyed all those hairs behind my ears grey?!?!?!

I’ve found this oddly liberating?! Haircuts have always been something I needed someone else to do and it’s kind of nice to feel in control of it?


Probably the same fuck who dyed a couple of mine brown.


My beard was excessive even before we got locked down

Think I’m gonna leave it though, see how long it can actually get

Got bored and shaved all my face off yesterday. I hate it.


This is my plan too.

Full on Strawbridge top lip, ZZ Top chin.

I cut off a bit that was sticking out and it seems to have freed up space, so now the other parts have calmed down a bit.

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Today feels like the turning point where I’ve changed from having long stubble to having a short beard

The Friday selfie thread will be a little different tomorrow. It is Thursday isn’t it?

Yes, i.e. naked selfie day

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Still waiting for the butt selfies to happen

This isn’t hair related

Though it could be I suppose


Would be for me

trimmed my beard at the shortest setting, trying to reset it, my theory is if i cut it short and then brush it every day it will be less messy than trying to get a more established beard under control

Haven’t shaved my legs for a week


Following yesterday’s encounter with the clippers my hair is now shorter than my beard


I’ve had a beard for ten years now, and so thought this self isolation time would be a fine opportunity to try different facial hair options each day this week. My face feels weird now.


My hair is bushy

I haven’t shaved in two weeks

And when I use the synth

I try to sound like Tangerine Dream





I haven’t shaved in 13 years, an interview in 2007. Considering doing the same as you. Well I don’t have a razor but a beard trimmer will do.

I’ve not shaved in 8 days.

I’m not liking it so I think I’ll shave tomorrow. I need a haircut too.


Every patch you take off makes you look 2 years younger.

I got mine done @ a month ago, so fine for the time being. Having to resist pressure from the GF to do hers. Not worth the risk.

Never seen someone make a ginger tache work that well before tbh