Israel/Palestine thread

It wasn’t a call-out at all and I should have perhaps worded that more carefully, I was trying to understand where you’re coming from. 100% in agreement with you, but personally I don’t think that precludes me (or even you) from being considered a ‘zionist’. The word’s been muddied to the point that it’s arguably no longer helpful (possibly deliberately) imo


oh dear

Very notable how the article on the front of the BBC behind with “an exchange between Palestinian militants…”

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The whole article paints the Palestinians as the aggressors, mentions their rockets first, and Israeli deaths before Palestinian

If you were an alien and came and read that article with no pre-existing knowledge you’d come away with a strong impression of one side being right and one wrong.


With a two state solution now completely unworkable, the only viable solution to end the apartheid is to dismantle the state of Israel and build something new in its place.


I feel like my opinion on this is finally getting formed, partly thanks to this thread, but also the current escalation focusing my thoughts on it.

I’ve felt like this a lot, and it can feel overwhelming. However, there’s a lot out there to make you feel like its really complicated and you couldn’t possibly understand…

but, go with your gut and what you are seeing. Look at the facts. You’ll probably form a fairly solid opinion which doesn’t mean you hate one type of people or another but does make you more supportive of one

(This is meant to be supportive btw! Previous posters discussed it better in the previous thread)

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yeah, i went looking for that thread but it disappeared.

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I’ve always found the online explainers a bit of a mess, to the extent I’d never been able to get my head around the basics of the situation. However, this BBC article seems a fairly good starting point:

I’m sure there’s issues with it, but it was enough to depress the hell out of me and make me realise that - realistically - it’s either going to end terribly or just continue as is for the rest of time (i.e. terribly but on a longer scale). :slightly_frowning_face:

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I’m not sure I understand what the issue is with either of these tweets?

It went after the poster who created it had their account deleted I believe


I think it’s the framing of it as a conflict and the language being used

It’s not a conflict. Its brutal oppression and resistance.


Good luck trying that.

Who do you think would enforce that?

Enforce what?

I’m not commenting on what is or isn’t practically possible, I’m saying what’s necessary for any semblance of justice to prevail


Well it just isn’t going to happen is it.

Now that most of the gulf states have moved from tacitly endorsing Israel to open alliances, as a state it seems more secure than ever so just seems a bit of a fantasy to me.

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It certainly won’t happen if anyone who believes in things like freedom and justice just looks at the situation and goes “ah well, never mind.”


Super-helpful rhetoric, this.


The idea that the solution to the problem is just to dismantle a nuclear armed state, presumably against their wishes, is a non-starter to the point of being nonsensical.

I’m not being blase or not caring. It’s just such an intractable problem that I can’t see right now how it can be resolved in a practicable way.


The citizens of that state could be the ones who dismantle it. (citizens is probs a bit of a poor term to use though so maybe non citizens in the region too).

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