Israel/Palestine thread

I think this probably belongs in this thread rather than the US politics one

It’s also interesting that I don’t think that you’d get this level of clarity on this topic from the Guardian’s UK office.

One way to report that they killed a child

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…and so on

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Abbas really needs to consider hiring a new PR team:


Fuuucking hell

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Crazy that it was even floated. Really sad stuff tbh

Israel’s error was proposing a racist policy that also would have affected US and EU citizens.

I wouldn’t be surprised if it came back in some form, likely only applying to other muslim states.


It’s baffling as it would never have got through the Supreme Court, let alone the (more than ever fragmented) Knesset, anyway.

Call me a naive optimistic but I think your fears will go unfounded. Not even in the days of hefty Likud majorities under Sharon would such a policy be ratified, voted through the Knesset and then somehow get past the Supreme Court, let alone in the present day fragmentation of over a dozen different parties in coalition government, which will probably fall within a year(?).

If I’m wrong I’ll be the first to admit it, but such legislation tends to get kicked down the road in perpetuity because of the paralysis that besets Israeli politics due to its predictably unpredictable nature.

I hope that this irresponsible, settler-colonialism endorsing statement gets a lot of pushback. It’s time people realised that van der Zyl and the BoD are pursuing another far-right Trumpian aim here, that also deliberately seeks to conflate British Jewry with Israeli policy.

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assassination by poisoning seems such a frankly bizarre and disturbing thing - at one and the same time all very modernist, spy novel biotech but also ghoulish and medieval