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The more damning revelation is that Israel tried to poison drinking water supplies with typhoid during the Nakba.

this is not a new revelation though, the poisoning of the Acre aqueduct with typhoid has been known about for decades

It was even written about at the time

That was put down to the actions of one reservist battalion though. This shows that it was a systematic tactic by Israel.

I always thought that was well known? Other battalions were captured red handed with typhoid, dysentery and malaria and those soldiers executed by Palestinian forces. There were even reports to the UN that Jewish forces (they weren’t Israeli forces then) were behind Cholera outbreaks in Syria and Egypt - the latter being responsible for about 10,000 deaths

I remember reading a bunch about this when the UK & US invaded Iraq in 2003 in the context of Saddam Hussein’s use of chemical/biological weapons vis-a-vis USA’s & Israel’s history of such things

Not to downplay it of course, seems like clear crimes against humanity. It’s just that it’s probably difficult to prosecute 74 year old crimes - though obviously reparations are due for this, alongside a whole catalogue of other crimes against Palestinians & their property

This is a good, good faith, article. Unsurprisingly, it comes from the US office of the Guardian, rather than the UK one.

There are thousands of refugees who were born in, for example, Jordan, who are now barred from the land their families fled from.

Bibi’s back!

Wonder how long this government will last, especially as he’s being supported by someone as capricious as Ben-Gvir…a year, maybe?

Let it go Zygotic, you’re never going to meet him.


Why on earth would I want to meet him?

If I’d want to meet anyone in Israeli politics it would be Zehava Gal-On.

more context/analysis here:


This approach can probably be summed up in one word, you know

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Insightful C4 documentary about the issues felt by the arts community in Gaza, living under the Israeli blockade and Hamas’ hard-line Conservative censorship: