issss weddersnay

Being off for two weeks means I’m late nighting. Is it bad form to set up a wednesday thread at 12am? :flushed:


bit keen, it’s still my tuesday until 7am…

Good morning

Good night


I think it shows a lot of chutzpah. You’re hired!

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I’m watching the latest ep of casualty and lamenting the fact that its the third night in a row I’ve got some weird neck headache

Yesterday was really bad

Today will be good. Going to see the statue of David, and do loads of milling about looking at nice things.

Also, pizza.


can’t sleep it’s too hot

I usually get told off for starting the morning thread at midnight : D

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Been awake since 05:30 for no reason. Going to lie here in protest for another hour.
Then work will be boring.

morning early risers. I’m drinking coffee . I have a 7am hit class. Must go!!

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Alright. Back to work

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Work dread at a full 10 :confounded:

Good morning (proper)

Going to have a lovely shower, and then we shall see where the day takes us

Day off so the cat woke me up at 5.50am for food and now I can’t get back to sleep, unlike the fucking cat. Not got much planned today other than taking Mrs F to the doctor at 11, so might have a nap later.

Still off work for holiday. I’ve got a light hangover after my pub quiz night yesterday but it shouldn’t last too long. I’m feeling much more rested today thank fuck.

Gonna get up and go to work and do some work.

Birds kept me awake for agggeees at half four this morning, dawn chorusing.

Another excellent day ahead.

had to have cashews for breakfast as I have no bananas

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I had a dis dream!

Loads of us were at Glastonbury, we were trying to organise a group selfie of all the disers that were there (@laelfy was the ringleader) but people kept disappearing and it was really frustrating.

Eventually we gave up and some of us went to watch Kelis play, and it was really nice. Then the terrorists showed up and the rest of the dream was not so nice, but lets concentrate on the Kelis bit.


Ah, Mr Koko, glad to have you posting here.