It appears to be Monday

Sup. Past me is glad as I swapped my days off to be until the 9th of Jan so no back to work dread yet.

Bike it is then. Hopefully get a good if flattish sesh in today.

Hbu huns x


It’s my Friday today. Off tomorrow, without the kids! Planning a big old walk. Just gotta get through today first. Going to be pretty horrendous I think



Got a day of pootling about I think. Cooking, reading, yoga and napping, trying to not think about work tomorrow.

Finish The Tourist which is pretty good

Still endlessly grey out there.


I’m on the Isle of Wight. So far it’s been okay.

Not sure what the plan is today. I need a coffee first though.


Morning all.

I decided to treat today like a workday to make tomorrow’s return a little easier. Trying to work on a better, healthier routine: got up at 7, made a nice coffee and did some yoga, got overnight oats and a smoothie ready for lunch. I’m going to faff about with music all day in lieau of working. Maybe watch a film when my ears get tired. Should be nice.

How long until I revert to snoozing till 2 minutes before I’m due in at work and eating garbage lunches? Time will tell.

Hope you’re all well.


Decided to start a bit later and go for a slow bird walk instead



Morning all!

We’re celebrating this fifteenth consecutive Sunday by going to see Clifford The Big Red Dog at the cinema. In classic The Child behaviour, she refused to even consider the trailer for Encanto yesterday but it was the first thing she suggested when I mentioned the cinema.

I’ll hopefully get the tablet to do some parenting this afternoon.


Had a terribly stressful dream that I had to finish my ICA internship (which I did 6 years ago) by doing a shift in their cafe (nothing like the actual ICA cafe obv), but no-one had told me how anything worked and then got pissy with me when I didn’t do things right. Typical dream stuff I guess, got really angry though.

Actually a lot of it was about the coffee machine which I couldn’t work out, and now I’ve made myself actual coffee so wr 1 — 0 fictional ICA cafe

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Morning all.

Pretty nice day here. Had a false start with a walk with the dog as he was far too hyper and went nuts at a cat. We’re taking him for another run in the secure field this morning.

This afternoon I’m going to make a ragu with the venison sausages I bought before Christmas, and finish De Christmasing the house.

Dungeons and Dissers tonight. Maybe with a couple of beers as I booked tomorrow off. It has been nice having a couple of sober bed times the last couple of evenings though.

Yesterday I had some time to kill between dropping my eldest off at the theatre and picking her up a few hours later. The youngest and I went to see Clifford The Big Red Dog.

It’s a unique combination of funny, heartwarming and shite.



Red Kite (perched)
Heron (perched in tree)
Chaffinch (flock of)
Assorted tits



Got up a bit earlier today to try and resume normal sleeping patterns for this coming week. No real plans today other than taking down the Christmas tree.

Are you sure it’s Monday?

Whatever day it is I’m off to t’gym

Gonna go finally get boosted in a bit then not do much else. Might get a kebab for tea.

Work dread is building. Would quite like the house to be a non-bombsite before I go back but I’m not sure how I make this happen.

@whiterussian decent colour progression today


The dread is real :persevere:

Going to start today with a walk, gonna make some
Banana bread, take down the decorations, then a double whammy of Licorice Pizza at the cinema and real pizza in my mouth.


Nice one, should get some yellow in soon!

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I’m at work! Hahaha! Hahahaahahah!

Public holidays? Who needs em!

Hahaa hahahahha ahhhh