It appears to be Monday

Boo! I hope you find a tasty alternative :crossed_fingers:t2:

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I got up at around half 11 today, it’s going to be fucking brutal trying to force myself out of bed in time for work tomorrow :persevere:

The Child (having been absolutely awesome every time she’s been to the cinema with her mother) wanted to leave after 45m because the seats were uncomfortable and the film was boring. It was, as she correctly identified, just a red dog doing stuff.

In its defense, I have nothing: Jack Whitehall’s accent is almost deliberately terrible and even Tony whatshisname from Arrested Development can’t save it.

We left after an hour and she’s watching tablet and eating soup.


Been to the home of football and got boosted, should get home in time for lunch so that’s nice.


As we are now officially in the year I’m getting married, I gots to make a list today. Not much on it tbh other than fun stuff so not too daunting.

Also need to start clearing out the kitchen for the new kitchen in 2 weeks.



Nice walk this morning.



Lovely walk this morning. Headed out early and did a variation on one of our normal coast path routes.

As an aside - for people who live in (or visit) Norfolk - what is it with everyone’s obsession with Holkham? It’s always super crowded, and you have to traipse through half a mile of mud to get to the beach. Idgi.


Big porcupine on my street


Working my last ever shift at this job right now. It’s been great in a lot of ways, but also byyyyyyyeeeeee! :tada::+1::tada:

  • Yeah, that is big
  • I’ve seen bigger

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That the walk from b-o-s? Lovely bit of coast, that.

Re Holkham, assume its the Holkham Hall crowd heading to the nearest beach, or people who can’t find a parking spot at Wells.

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That’s the one. Though we parked at Burnham Market and then walked to Burnham Overy Staithe via some old lanes. we usually go as far as Wells (starting at Burnham Overy Staithe) but that stretch from Holkham to Wells has been super crowded the past few times we’ve done the walk. The stretch over the marshes to the beach is the loveliest.

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Yeah think the other side (to brancaster) is the best as really quiet most of the time.

Think the coast is just insanely busy in general the last few days with the nicer weather. Took us an hour to find somewhere not completely rammed for lunch yesterday. Couldn’t even get a parking space in sea Palling ffs.

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Can Countdown please make Rachel Riley’s maternity leave cover a permanent replacement?


Seems to have UBER IRKED the public hiring a woman who is not white and/or a swivel headed reactionary, keep her forever I say.


Only one piece of advice on this in the lead up to the big day: if anyone suggests you should do something and you don’t want to do it then don’t do it. That’s all there is to it. :smiley:


Anne Robinson trying to make this episode as excruciating as possible

Did you get some lasagna while you were there

how is it nearly 3pm? there is no way i’m going to be able to adjust back to normal life

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This^ the football yesterday turned into a bit of a rager despite the game itself being a bit shite. Should really start moving my stuff to new flat today but need to buy some food today as I have nothing left and gonna go see out my holiday period with a double header at the cinema later. Got until Wednesday to move and I’ve more or less packed already so should be fine