It appears to be Thursday

What’s up? I’ve been in the office the last three days but today I can’t be fucked and want to revert to spending most of my day in bed.

I got through to the final interview stage though for the job I’m going for. How do I not fuck this up?

Off to a Jake Bugg q&a later.




Reckon today is my Monday and I have 2 x 11 o’clock finishes before my next day off. Pissing down outside, has done all night. Got to walk my son to nursery in 30mins. Hope it lets up a bit

Woke up at 6am to rain like I have never experienced before. Crikey.

Really need a pair of shoes which aren’t converse in this weather. Unfortunately i don’t have a pair that aren’t.

Busy day so best get to it. Had my two cups of tea. Time to smash it.

Have lots of filthy thursday fun punx

The weather is being an absolute dick and I’ve got a massive cough.

Off to work, then going to a cycling event later in Truman Brewery.

Rain’s on

Opened the wrong bit on the lid of the chilli flakes so, rather than sprinkling a bit into my scrambled eggs, I poured like a couple of teaspoons in.


Got my covid booster and flu jab this morning, but also a gig tonight so I hope it doesn’t make me too wobbly.

Absolutely bucketing down, went full waterproofs but shoes still got soaked in the 10 min walk to the bus stop, currently drying off on a radiator in the work toilets

Last of 4 days of solo parenting today, been hard but good with a classic ‘massive vom just before bed’ situation to contend with last night. Big cliche but so much respect for people who do this all the time, it’s physically and mentally knackering!

Good luck, tiltalicious. I have no advice as i am shite at interviews.

This feels devastatingly like it should be friday and yet it is not.

Good luck, the bivalent booster fucked me up :+1:

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K Dot day. Going to see Kung Fu Kenny, king kunta Compton’s human sacrifice tonight.
Full days workshop in the office today first though need not to start rapping during it

Want to make a tagine soon

Got given the pot last year and haven’t touched it since, but just got the mood for it. Anyone here used one before? Could imagine @colon_closed_bracket has

Today though got a 3 hour meeting to take notes for, and maybe a low key local art opening in the evening

Think you just tell the mods what you want and they put it there for you.


Anyway. Don’t have any plans today and it’s not raining at the moment so might go out somewhere. Also might stay in bed and eat crisps all day, there’s just no way of knowing at this stage.

Got mice again so was up listening to Fig chase them all night.

Dawnwalker gig tonight :partying_face: Got to head for my train soon

Remember, they don’t know you’re not confident about it. Think of yourself as an actor playing someone who is really confident, really desired by the company etc. Sounds a bit cheesy but i always act when I’m nervous. Like when i give tours, that’s a persona not me.