It appears to be Wednesday

Going into work. Awake since two. Listening to Gang of Four.

What’s on the agenda huns


Good golly @tilty, you’re up early! I am at work 'til 6, will be home by 7 and will have a celebratory tin in bed to mark the end of two 12-hour hellshifts. Sleep til mid-afternoon, potter round the house, put the wheels back on my bike, hopefully get my car back from the garage, back to work at 10pm. My life is no more interesting to live than it is to read about.


Today I finish my third 8am to 8pm this week. Then off for a week and so can’t complain.

Looking forward to a few cans and some wine with a film on in the evening.


Cycled most of the way into work. Now got a really sweaty back and no change of clothes and the sweat is cold and making me cold.

Hi boys I’m single.


Lots to do

Barely slept

Feeling really positive about this


Morning lovelies.

Another excellent day ahead, then staff meeting where I am training on Google classroom and drive in case of a shutdown…only been suggesting this since about March :person_shrugging::roll_eyes:

Feeling weirdly anxious this morning.

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Woke at 6 in agony because of my op - dosed up on codeine. Belly is starting to look like something like Alien. Still 24 hrs before I can shower again (48 hrs and counting at the moment). Feeling delightful.

Morning all!

I’m hoping to claw back some marking time today while classes work but I’ve got to unofficially reprimand two students who submitted almost exactly the same piece of work last week. One of the few things the plagiarism checker didn’t highlight was their names.

The impending Level 4 lockdown has ruined any good mood I was in previously. I’ve typed up two versions of complaints but neither really hit what I’m looking for.

We’re probably eating miso aubergine later and I might actually tune into book club this month.

Already suffered a crushing betrayal this morning - my kid doesn’t think Christmas Rapping by The Waitresses is ‘all that good’.



Another week of working 7 days but only getting paid (poorly) for 3. Won £3.50 on the lottery though.


Liking for the lotto!

Going to blow it all on crisps


Greetings from Hoogy HQ

I’ll be here all day, every day


I’ve heard way worse plans

Hope you start to feel better soon ccb. I know the feeling very well.

my back hurts :frowning:

Finally remembered to put the clippers on charge this morning so going to get to cut my hair at last as soon as I’m confident they have enough juice to not run out half way through. The top layer, which I will be leaving well alone, is now long enough to tie up so the whole process feels a lot less risky now I can get those bit safely out of the way.

Happy Wednesday folks.

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Far, far too old to be on the stouts on a weeknight. Gonna need to mainline about 4 litres of Diet Coke. Hold me.