It dawned on me last night that

‘Swing Lo Magellan’ by Dirty Projectors is by some considerable distance the standout popular music song of this decade.

Probably the most finely-crafted piece of work since, well, ‘Cow’ by Sparklehorse i guess.

Sphincters disagree, and 250 nobhead points for pretending you’ve not heard of it.

not heard this dirty projectors song so can’t comment on that but I’m quite surprised that Cow is considered a standout Sparklehorse track. Not that it’s bad at all, just kinda middle of the pack for me


It’s lovely

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yeah this is nice, kinda wish the melody was a bit more stable but it is nice!

That’s dirty projectors for you

yeah I know, I like that Temecula Sunrise song, seems to fit there because of the drums and time sig

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I think Bitte Orca got more praise but i prefer Swing Lo as an album. Bit less wanking about.

Cow is fantastic. One of my favourites for sure.


yeah, love Cow more than anything else on that album by some distance