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I’m thinking about getting a NAS that I can back files up to, and use as a media hub for our smart TVs. Anything I should be looking for? Which ones are pretty easy to use with a smart TV?

Forget this - might not be true nowadays.

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Nasty NAS in your area, about to cause mass hysteria


The interface on the synology units is good. Also if you’re buying one with multiple bays then be aware that’s more for redundancy so your raw storage could be halved.

I do tend to also say that you shouldn’t consider it a backup - you should have a separate fireproof/whatever drive you you actually back up to in case the unit totals itself.

PM me if you find something you like in particular - I might be able to help :slight_smile:

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I was wondering about backing up. I have a drive that I currently use for backing up and it goes into a fireproof safe with other important documents. if i was to get a synology NAS for frequent backups and then plug another drive into it to back up, would that work ok?

Yeah that would be fine, you can schedule/automate it.

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I have a small Netgear ReadyNAS enclosure that I stuck a 2TB drive into. And I barely use it :grimacing: but I guess it’s there.

TBH the cost of these things is a lot higher than I really hoped given what they do. It’s kind of useful to have a store of stuff but it’s also ANOTHER thing sitting on a plug socket that can be fucked over if the power goes out or whatever.

The VLC app on my phone/tablet will find it though and give me access to my music etc. without me needing to do anything at all.

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I have a 2 bay Synology NAS that I use for watching films and streaming MP3s to my Sonos (I use Spotify too, but Sonos will also search my MP3 library for things).

For films, I actually use an Apple TV, but Samsung Smart TVs work well with Synology NAS drives. You can install the DS Video app on the TV. If you have the movie files named properly then it’ll pull in all the metadata and make it look like Netflix or whatever. I tried Plex too but had endless problems.

For backups, you can set up Time Machine to schedule them. Sure you can do something similar for Windows. I actually stopped using it though - all my important stuff (photos, work) goes to a cloud backup and I still do manual backups on external drives.

Be warned though - you are about to go down a tech rabbit hole. It all works seamlessly now for everyone in my house but I burned several evenings pissing about and posting on sub-Reddits to get there (that I secretly quite enjoyed).


My NAS is NAS is NAS is NAS is like…



Half LAN, half amazing?


my IT storage is notoriously BIG

thanks amigo that’s really helpful

What are you all storing on these?

Torrents of GoT don’t take that much space surely

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Yep. Also worth looking at what formats your TV supports. Annoying when you have 1000s of MKV files that you have to convert to another format.

Also worth noting, you can just plug a regular USB drive into your telly and play MP4 files off that and it works perfectly well. But I do love setting myself these stupid home networking projects.

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One of my favourite tech achievements was setting up my NAS to automatically check for TV torrents and download them while I was on holiday, so I could then get them onto my phone and stream them to the TV in our holiday house. But I stopped doing that when Virgin sent me a letter.

As a side point I think WeWereWerewolvesOnce could be my favourite username. Pleasing to say and hypnotic to read (particularly without the CamelCase I’ve forced there.


Shite, mostly. They fill up surprisingly quickly if you’re storing films on them.

I have some blu-ray copies of all the Andrei Tarkovsky films that must take up 100+gb.

Never gonna watch em. Never gonna watch em.

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So it goes something like :

Buy bluray film
Watch blu Ray film
Rip it to network drive
Put disc on shelf
Never watch it again
Drive gets full
Buy bigger drive

Pretty much.

Ripped all blurays and DVDs
Saved to network drive
Binned all bluray and DVDs