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Shite, mostly. They fill up surprisingly quickly if you’re storing films on them.

I have some blu-ray copies of all the Andrei Tarkovsky films that must take up 100+gb.

Never gonna watch em. Never gonna watch em.

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So it goes something like :

Buy bluray film
Watch blu Ray film
Rip it to network drive
Put disc on shelf
Never watch it again
Drive gets full
Buy bigger drive

Pretty much.

Ripped all blurays and DVDs
Saved to network drive
Binned all bluray and DVDs

What happens when the shelf gets full?

Well yeah, that’s what prompted me to get the NAS. I had book shelves full of CDs, DVDs and Blu Rays and i didn’t like how it looked. Got shot of it all and replaced it with the NAS. I mean, even that is becoming semi-redundant now with music and film streaming services but I do admittedly still acquire the odd thing illicitly.

This thread is a real eye opener.

What’s the advantage of having a NAS over using cloud storage?

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hackers will find it harder to post my nudes online

My storage solutions are a proper mess tbh

Essentially it’s broken down between an old battered NAS which is just about able to allow non HD video streaming and a direct attached storage solution which I used for backing up the NAS and my desktop.

I actually just need to ditch the NAS but then I’d need to back up almost 2TB of data because I use hardware raid for redundancy and I don’t think there’s any new raid controllers that would be backwards compatible :expressionless:

The main reason I still have one is that it’s still the best way to store a really large digitised movie library, and music to a lesser extent. It’s faster, cheaper and more permanent than leasing the equivalent space, and will also still work if your internet goes down. It’s also more private, which is good should you have lots of stuff obtained nefariously over the years that you don’t really want to stick on Dropbox or whatever.

Secondly, they’re just another fun bit of tech to piss about with. The Synology ones are essentially mini PCs with all sorts of apps that you can install - multimedia stuff like Plex for video transcoding, Photo library apps, as well as a ton of very geeky stuff that I don’t really need/understand.

I still store all my important stuff (my photos, accounts related stuff, work related stuff) on cloud storage.

Ah, right.

We still have pretty much all our music and films on CD and DVD still and don’t have wi-fi enabled players of either, so I don’t think it’d be worth us doing that (for now).