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Alright, DiS. You’re my last hope.

The wifi suddenly died on my laptop (dell xps 9550), looked it up online and there’s reams of people with the same problem and saying how shite the killer WLAN card is and to replace it so I did but still have the same problem. Used the uninstaller to get rid of the killer drivers and the new one seems to have installed fine but there’s still an unknown item in device manager.

Followed endless flushdns type requests but they’ve done fuck all. Any ideas? Helpfully the laptop has no ethernet port.

Pls help and/or post shite banter.

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Have you tried plugging every option you’ve got on the side like usb, hdmi, powerthe flat one thats always too big for my flat things, all of them, get them filled, then turning the back lights on the keyboard on and off a few times?

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No I haven’t.

Can you, please?

is the connection definitely in place on the motherboard?
did you unplug the battery before replacing?

Yep, reseated it to be sure

absolutely not

if its still turning on then the battery being turned on during installation shouldn’t be a problem tbh.


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Thank you stickboy but I have tried all of these things (that are applicable) but the problem persists.

Buy new laptop from itzoo bargains section.
That’s what I did when my laptop died. HtH

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Have you tried the Post Office?

I have, they were rather bemused.

Could have picked me up some stamps at least

USB to ether net connectors are a thing in the meantime.

My laptop’s WiFi died for a month or so here and I bought a USB WiFi device. My experience was it worked once well then died but that shouldn’t put you off because my laptop is a work one and 2012 vintage and the WiFi starred working later.

So I’m short: fuck this and buy

  • USB to ethernet
  • USB WiFi dongle

Thank you teho but i would quite like to fix it and ethernet will never be an option at work

Done me


Oh also this piece of shit only has two USB ports and yeah i have a USB hub but i always forget to bring it with me ffs

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nice one, DB


can we hijack this for our own ends?

my work Surface Pro keeps resetting my Sleep settings all the time from Never to 15 Minutes. intermittently a couple of times a day normally. it’s a bit annoying if i forget to check them before going off for lunch and come back to find it’s gone to sleep and moved all my windows to the main screen instead of where i left them.


Where are you now then? Off to Panama again or something?

2 USBs is a bugger if you need external keyboard and mouse, it’s true.

Anyway, I’m impressed you opened the laptop and inserted a new chip. That’s certainly some badass computer fixing. I think you’re either in new laptop territory or USB WiFi, yeah. Not fun.

With the power in? I mean a normal Windows machine shouldn’t ever go to sleep while powered.

I have a Surface Pro now as a personal machine but I’ve not seen this happening. I wonder if it’s using the camera though? I mean is it maybe using face recognition and turning off based on you going away rather than a set time?

got to say my PC is really running great