It is 7:52pm and no one has started an evening thread


Here is one for your evening posting. I am off to get ice cream, there better be lively discussion by the time I get back. Please.


report back to tell us what flavour ice cream


Was about to start this thread but it was taking ten years to upload this:

:heart_eyes: it looks terrible!!!


I bought a bag of twirl bites for dinner but they had melted into a giant clump of twirl


Half brother, half something else.


Hey FL, hey everyone

Ate some food and had a shower, not really feeling much better though. Is it too early to take a sleeping pill? I had a nap earlier so I’m not sleepy but I just want to go to bed and sleep the rest of the day away.


Some things are best left unseen… like this film :wink:


Watching a bit of the ol cycling.

Had l.mac sausages, beans and waffles for tea.

Got a big pile of washing up to do. V. Interesting life I lead.

Just been invited to my friends sisters 30th who I’ve never met,which is nice but a bit weird.


Sweaty MF


The selection was uninspiring so I had a regular old milk chocolate magnum, which was all broken up. Very disappointing, but still worth it.


You might have to use a knife and fork then, that just makes it more dinner-like.


Sorry you have been having a rubbish day :frowning:

I don’t think it is too early to take a sleeping tablet if you felt you need it tonight, maybe having it a bit earlier will mean you are less groggy from it in the morning?


Watching: :bike:

Planning: :palm_tree: :bike: :beers:

Eating: :pizza::icecream:


@jordan_229, some fucker nicked your joke.


Wow that looks so gloriously 80s :grinning::+1:


I’m fucking bet lads. Still have to move a suitcase of clothes to my new house. Tempted to walk it and skull a can of cider on the way.


Gonna have a tea and play age of empires



Have you seen the Nestle fake cornettos? I’ve avoided them until this weekend because… Well… Nestlé, but bought a pack of their raspberry ones and they reminded me of the raspberry magnums. Could be an occasional substitute?


Watching some The Bridge with the TV. Both pretty tired.


They didn’t have a regular cornetto at the news agents over the road! Maybe I just need to pre-plan my occasional evening ice cream by buying something earlier from a better source.

I had avoided those also, but I am rubbish at being principled when I am hungry so I might try them.