It is a Thursday and it is a morning thread

Gonna book some cinema tickets, have a catch up lunch with a friend I haven’t seen in ages (and make use of the mystery meal thread??) and possibly book a massage if I can get my act together

Tell me one (or more) pieces of GOOD NEWS about your Thursday please and thank you :sunny::tada: :sunglasses:


I’m really dizzy. Good news: I didn’t fall down the stairs, just nearly fell down the stairs. Twice.



Good news: the youngest cheekster is well again so she’s happy (and I get a day WFH so I’m happy too). Also I had toast this morning, but for some reason it tasted even nicer than normal.


My friend is ok :blush: I mean he’s not fully ok but he’s not like on the brink or anything.

That’s my good news, everything else about today is annoying me so far (laptop not working, busy busy trains, specifically requesting breakfast to be put in a bag on the electronic board thing and their idea of a bag being to put some paper and an elastic band around the top THAT IS NOT A FUCKING BAG I WANT A RECEPTACLE WITH HANDLES SO I CAN CARRY ALL MY SHIT AT THE SAME TIME)

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Had the loveliest evening last night.

I went to see Simon Amstell with a mate that lives locally.

It was also one of my oldest friend’s (known for 30+ years) birthday. Her partner had surprised her with tickets to the same Simon Amstell show.

Purely by coincidence I ran into them outside of the venue. We had drinks beforehand, and afterwards - and Simon Amstell was hilarious in between.

As a consequence, though, I fully, properly, definitively and comprehensively CBA today.


what you watchin hun

getting bibimbap for lunch :yum:

Many Saints of Newark! Managed to round up my two irl Soprano fan friends, and been watching a few episodes to get myself into the right headspace. Lil bit hyped

(Also Bond next week but that’s just to do something with friends, less fussed by the film)

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Hmmmm, good news… The cat was very cute and purring this morning, the weather is surprisingly still very sunny, looks like being a quiet day at work today.

The bad news is that I have woken up with a sore throat, could there be a big cold on the horizon for me? Impossible to say!

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Good news: laptop now working


Good morning!

Good news - The dog let me have a bit of a lie in this morning, which was a nice change.

You’ll be surprised, I’m sure, to know my plans for the day include a bike ride and a dog walk. And not a fat lot else. Need to prepare and marinade some meat for dinner at some point but that won’t take too long.

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Oh man, I really want bibimbap now.

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Feeling in a bit of a low mood, so I’m going to make the most of it and try to get into Haxan Cloak

Morning all!

I’ve already been to the hospital so they could sample my blood and tickle my feet. I need to provide them with some piss tomorrow.

My good thing is that after today I’m off work until Tuesday. We’ll be in North Tyneside for most of it.

I’m making roasted peppers and gnocchi for tea and that’s usually really good.


Catching a friend for a nice long walk today. Beer and burger at the end (@JaguarPirate steam town). Am incredibly tired, had 2½hrs kip


Oh, it’s raining.

Been at work since 7.30 getting a load of beer ready for orders. Gonna have to stay late tonight to do the same. Might try and have a nap at some point,

Was well worth dragging my mum out there and making us nearly miss our plane and have to get an Uber to the airport for :shushing_face: (sincerely tho, very nice end to the trip)


Good thing - am on holiday, might go on a cable car later :aerial_tramway:

Annoying thing - had my phone on charge all night but just realised the plug wasn’t switched on :woman_facepalming:t2:


Had a decent enough sleep that I woke up before my alarm, which is nice. Very sunny outside but quite crisp, which is my favourite weather. Tomorrow is payday!

Original Mel C & Bryan Adams lyrics etc etc

Hope you feel better soon :heart: