It is a Thursday and it is a morning thread

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Morning! So many good newses.

Had excellent dinner with my NTD last night. Laughed loads. Love them sooo much.

Finally booked a plumber in to replace my knackered old boiler and sort the leaking radiator.

Day offfffff. Going for a walk to the shops to buy nice food things.

Going to decide what book to read next

Working nights this weekend. Quite like working nights :man_shrugging:

Defrosting some crumpets for breakfast


New Time Dog?


Haha yes indeed!

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I’m sorting out Internal Verification lists and listening to Ben Frost because for some reason AURORA makes me feel quite autumny. I think it might be the memory of listening to it when I used to commute from Glasgow to Livingston for 75 minutes each way.

any shoe horn fans in here? i’m thinking about getting into the game

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Ah, it’s so nice having a WFH day where I can work my way through a stack of records and get a few bits done that I’ve been putting off. Currently listening to this:

Don’t forget to submit your meals to the DiS Mystery Dinner Thread!

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I can’t function without mine

Not a bad pre lunch walk


From Bibimbap or kimchi cult or another?

One of the really underrated members of the brass family in my opinion.

sniffs yeah it does

Having a terrible time painting,why was I looking forward to decorating?!

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woah where is this??

painted a fence a while back, was really looking forward to it then got bored and my arm started aching after 30 minutes and I had hours left to go.

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my mum texted me “daniel craig” out of the blue earlier

Nice to see a family Bond.


How did you feel afterwards? Shaken? Or stirred?


The pub we’re staying in just called Avery and he didn’t pick up and now we’re both panicking thinking we’re in trouble (we’re still in our room)