It is (almost) the evening of my birthday Friday thread

And this is probably the last opportunity I get to milk it so here we are. Also using it as an excuse to start the evening thread early coz bday privileges.

Plans? Even though its my birthday I am staying in.

I had a lovely day. Have been given loads of vegan chocolate :chocolate_bar:


Happy birthday tilts - did you get a cake?

Smart. Even Eric can’t complain at that…

happy birthday!

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I bought a Colin to share round the office :flushed:



I am going to see Angel Olsen very soon




:rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl: Didn’t even click!


Happy birthday tiltington

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Happy bday

I’m about to go to the gym, and given the date and day of the week and time, I’m hoping to be the only one there

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Didn’t realise it was you birthday. happy birthday mushty :heart_eyes:

Ummmm yeah as commented on already, had a right shitty day, but am now on holiday for 11 days. Got a few wanker beers in and cooking a mushroom stroganoff for tea. Got a bar of fruit and nut choccy for after. Having a night out with some of my wife’s ATDs tomorrow which’ll be nice.


i might paint a wall white. conflicted though

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Hope it has been, and continues to be, a lovely birthday for you @tilty :slight_smile:

Already done SFPP as R is flagging big time having had interrupted sleep last night and eaten next to nothing today. Going to instigate early bedtime soon and hope he goes for it without a fight.

Might try find a film to watch, if early bedtime works I won’t have to worry about runtime so much so it might be a good chance to fit in something on the long side…

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Thinking about dinner. Have eaten so much shite in the last fortnight, gonna grab my recipe folder and look for something quick and easy.

Maybe make a dent in wanker beers and fall asleep in front of a BFI film.

my friends have had a little girl today. imagine that. the 14th of Feb is finally going to have some meaning.


We both brought La Chouffe glasses back frim Amsterdam a number of years ago, mine smashed and i have cried intermittently since.

  • Buy a La Chouffe tomorrow, before your train and never let go of the glass again.
  • Theft is wrong and always bad.
  • Do you really need another glass?
  • Why not do his in multiple bars and take multiple glasses?
  • I thought better of you
  • I’d never ever let my precious stolen La Chouffe glasses break.

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I’ve been so bad with birthdays of late.

happy birthday Tilty-whirl and happy birthday to everyone whose birthday I have missed.

please reply to claim your birthday tokens.


How many hours?

How’s your birthday been so far tilty? Going to catch a 6.30 showing of parasite, really wanted to get some bao buns and bubble tea as well but that means going to the cinema in Westfield and travelling/paying way more so i won’t :sob:

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I decided it would be too sad to go do my normal Friday night class. Well done for going anyway.